10 Must Follow Fashion Bloggers

Hello hello again beauties!!! I am so excited to be talking to you all again!! Today’s post is one that I have been wanting to do for a very long time and I’m thrilled to be telling you guys about 10 of my favorite fashion bloggers that I follow on social media and on their blog channels!!! So one of the great things about fashion and style in general is that there are so many perspectives on it, meaning that style looks different to each unique individual! In fact, that’s actually one of the reasons that I am insanely obsessed with style! Lots of people can rock the same piece or the same type of pieces in so many different ways! And with that being said, I’m going to dive right into this list of my favorite bloggers that I get style inspiration from!! I hope you all enjoy this!! Let’s get started!!

  1. LoweCo Petite-Chelsea Lowe: Ok, so this girl is not only beautiful inside and out (I mean, she is stunning and hilarious) but her taste in fashion is top notch! She is always posting the latest and greatest stylish pieces at super affordable price points! Her blog is especially great for getting inspiration if you are under 5″5 (Where are my petite ladies at??I am definitely with you all! 🙂 I also follow her on LiketoKnowit (which for those of you aren’t familiar with it, it’s an app in the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play Store for Android devices that allows you to shop the outfits that your favorite bloggers and influencers are wearing, I love it!) But seriously, check her out! You won’t regret it!!
  2. Pink Peonies-Rachel Parcell: Alrighty, next up is one of my all-time favorite bloggers! Rachel Parcell has the most elegant sense of style and she even has her clothing line that feature some exquisite pieces! I’ve been following her for about 3 or so years now and her social media channels are my go-to for feminine style inspiration! Not to mention she has the cutest two kids you’ve ever seen and I really respect and look up to her as a working mom and a businesswoman!
  3. Dress Up Buttercup-Dede Raad: So I just recently discovered this blogger towards the end of the year last year and from the minute I saw her Instagram feed, I immediately became obsessed with her style! Not to mention, she is so gorgeous! I really like her style because she wears casual pieces and then dresses them in the prettiest ways! The girl can rock a sweater dress and thigh high boots like no one’s business! I constantly follow her social media channels and her LiketoKnowit profile to see how she styles her dresses!
  4. Mumu and Macaroons-Kate Harrell: I also recently starting following this blogger and I am so glad that I did because her style is classic chic, which I am obsessed with and I know you guys will too if you follow her blog!! Her latest Instagram outfit features a white bodysuit and a camo jacket, and y’all she looks amazing in it and her shoes definitely compliment her outfit! I’m not one to wear camo, but seeing her style it so perfectly definitely made me change my mind about it.
  5. Champagne and Chanel-Emily Herren: So two things that really make me love this blogger is first, she (like me) is a Chic-fil-A lover and second, she loves the color pink! Not to mention, she effortlessly pulls off any trend and her BFF style posts with her best friend (Dede Raad, the blogger behind Dress Up Buttercup) are total goals! Her look from last year’s New York Fashion Week (check it out on Instagram!) where she styled a white ruffle top, a denim skirt, and Converse was so on point and perfect! I love to see what she styles on the daily and I think you guys will too, if you don’t already follow her!
  6. The Sweetest Thing-Emily Gemma: I think out of all of these bloggers, I’ve been following Emily Gemma and The Sweetest Thing for the longest time. Her blog was actually one of the first fashion blogs that I followed when I started blogging 3 years ago. She is flawless from head to toe, her hair is every girl’s dream, and her son is the most adorable little boy! I really love her style because she mixes pieces from all different price points to complete her outfits! Her beauty posts are also super detailed, she lets you know which product she uses to get her gorgeous hair, her flawless makeup, and so on and so forth. I religiously watch her Instastories on a daily basis to get my fashion and beauty inspiration!
  7. Olivia Rink-Olivia Rink: This blogger is another fabulous petite style blogger that I’ve been following for a couple of years now and she is truly one of my favorite blogger to get girly style inspiration from! She’s based in Chicago and I also love her interior decorating style as well! You guys need to check her out as well ASAP!
  8. Color Me Courtney-Courtney Quinn: So this blogger is totally my version of style goals because she perfectly mixes patterns in all of her outfits! Her Instagram is full of stylish outfits that are just absolutely perfect! I’m obsessed 100%!!! She’s based in New York City and I definitely turn to her for inspiration when I want to add pops of color to any look or when I’m wondering what the best ways to properly mix patterns!
  9. The Fashionista’s Diary-Lauren Patao: Ok, The Fashionista’s Diary is another source that I turn to for casual chic looks! I love to get my casual chic style inspiration from her and I really love her Instagram as well! Lauren’s blog specializes in petite fashion which is perfect for all of you ladies who need style inspiration if you’re under 5”5!
  10. Gal About Town-Lynlee Poston: And lastly, Gal About Town is definitely another one of my favorites! Lynlee is not only so pretty, but I also love the fact that she’s 100% honest with her readers, which is a quality that I really respect about her! She also just released a collaboration with the Impeccable Pig in Dallas that so many adorable pieces at an affordable price point! So definitely check her as well y’all!!

Okie dokie friends, I really hope that you all enjoyed this post! I’ve included direct blog links for all of the bloggers that I featured in case you all want to check them out! Please feel free to let me know what you all think in the comments and also let me know who your favorite fashion bloggers are so I can check them out! Until next time, have a beautiful rest of your week and KISSES to you all!!!




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